Sitemap - 2023 - Latin America Daily Briefing

Venezuela threatens Guyana territory

Mexican journalists shot and wounded

Gang violence in rural Haiti

Panamanian court rejects mine

Milei travels to U.S.

Dollarizing Argentina

Noboa to swear in

UN to vote on international tax proposal

Argentina to test "radical" economic experiments

Milei wins in Argentina

Guatemalan prosecutors take aim at Arévalo

Guatemala court refuses to halt legal moves against Arévalo

Political battle lines redrawn ahead of Argentina's runoff

Non-binary magistrate killed in Mexico

Massa and Milei debate

MS-13 leader captured in Mexico

Brazilian police arrest suspected Hezbollah links

Chile's constitutional proposal 2.0 finalized

Brazil crackdown on organized crime

Latin America Daily Briefing

Guatemala suspends Movimiento Semilla

El Salvador repeals part of gag law

Bolivia severs ties with Israel

Venezuelan Supreme Court suspends opposition primaries

Petro punished in regional elections

Panama protests mine concession

A Lion and a Duck walk into a bar ...

2.4 million people voted in Venezuela's primary

Argentina opposition faces fragmentation ahead of runoff

Massa wins, will compete against Milei in runoff

Argentina votes Sunday

U.S. lifts some Venezuela sanctions

Partial agreements on Venezuela elections

Venezuela deal expected today

Noboa wins in Ecuador

Ecuador votes on Sunday

Arévalo denounces Giammattei's "silence"

Milei undermines peso

Varied reactions to Hamas attacks in LAC

Seven assassination suspects dead in Ecuador

U.S. to resume deporting Venezuelans

Guatemala protests continue

Pro-Arévalo demonstrations continue

Guatemalans protest raids on electoral authorities

Security Council to vote on Haiti mission

Guatemala resumes transition

Costa Rica declares migrant emergency

Guatemala transition remains suspended

U.S. and Kenya sign defense agreement ahead of possible Haiti mission

Brazil's Supreme Court protects Indigenous land rights

U.S. pushes Kenya-led force for Haiti

Lula kicks off UNGA 2023 with a rallying cry for Global South

Guatemalans demonstrate in support of Arévalo

DR maintains Haiti border closure

DR seals border with Haiti

Guatemalan prosecutors raid ballot boxes (corrected)

Latin America deadliest region for environmental activists in 2022

Chile divided on coup legacy

Fifty years after the coup

Argentina's Milei with Tucker Carlson

Abortion Rights in Mexico

Brazil's Amazon Day and National Day

Semilla's suspension temporary blocked

Ecuadorean guards released

Latin America Daily Briefing

Montoya indicted by JEP

Latin America Daily Briefing

TSE certifies Arévalo victory, Semilla suspended

Haiti gang shoots at pastoral march

Assassination plot against Arévalo

BRICS to expand

BRICS debates expansion

Arévalo supported by private sector

Arévalo wins by landslide in Guatemala

Ecuador votes in the midst of violence

Ortega seizes UCA

Guatemala poised for change

Another Ecuadorean pol killed

Milei disrupts Argentina's politics

Ecuador assassination is a turning point

Ecuador presidential candidate assassinated

Belém Declaration calls for int'l support for Amazon conservation

Amazon leaders gather in Belém

Amazon summit to kick off

Amazon Cooperation Treaty Organization meeting next week

Cease-fire between Colombia and ELN starts

Boric presents new tax reform

U.S. to support Kenya-led force to Haiti

Kenya offers to lead force in Haiti

Int'l concern over Guatemala's election

El Salvador to allow mass trials

GIEI ends Ayotzinapa investigation

Guatemalans protest electoral interference

Argentina and IMF reach "understanding"

Engel List sanctions impact Guatemala -- El Faro

Peru protests relatively calm

Guatemala’s institutional standoff continues

El Salvador government misrepresented Covid-19 statistics

EU-CELAC summit begins today

Guatemalan Constitutional Court suspends order banning Arevalo’s party

Guatemala election certified but put in doubt by suspension of key party

Mexico highway blockade lifted; possible security repercussions

Guatemala Supreme Court paves way for runoff election

Bukele officially presented as 2024 presidential candidate

Amazon deforestation drops

Caribbean leaders shift on Haiti

ELN advances towards ceasefire

Mercosur pushes back on EU trade deal

Guatemalan court suspends election results

Bolsonaro barred from political office for eight years

Latin America Daily Briefing

ICC to resume Venezuela investigation

Arévalo brings hope for change in Guatemala

Guatemala's Movimiento Semilla makes runoff

Mexico's Supreme Court strikes down Plan B

Honduras militarizes prison administration

41 killed in Honduras prison riot

CNE upheaval in Venezuela

Guatemalans vote next Sunday

Venezuela accused of crimes against humanity in Argentine court

Zamora sentenced to six years

U.S. extends TPS

Lula meets von der Leyen

Colombian children found in Amazon

China spy facility report questioned

Abuses in El Salvador's prisons

Haiti reeling from floods and earthquake

Lula presents new plan against illegal deforestation

Morena wins Edomex

Latin America Daily Briefing

Guatemala's fraught elections

Haitian vigilantes reduce kidnappings

153 inmates died under ES state of exception

Guatemala's court rejects Pineda appeal

Atlantic Hurricane season

Brazilian Deputies pass fiscal framework

AMLO ally, human rights official spied on

Guatemala's (increasingly limited) presidential race

The border after Title 42

Ecuadorean court rejected "muerte cruzada" challenges

Muerte Cruzada in Ecuador

Ecuador starts impeachment hearings

elPeriódico shutters

Rights groups challenge Biden asylum restrictions

Title 42 expired

Migration surge at U.S.-Mexico border

Impeachment proceedings against Lasso

Conservatives to rewrite Chile's constitution

Title 42 ends Thursday

Chile’s Constitutional Council to be chosen on Sunday

IACHR report on Peru

Third round of Colombia-ELN peace talks begins

Opposition protests in Paraguay call for vote recount

Peña wins in Paraguay

Paraguayans head to polls

Peru militarizes border

Bogotá Summit concludes

Bogotá Summit kicks off today

Guaidó in Colombia

Petro meets with Biden

U.S. to donate $500 million to Amazon Fund

Rafael Project

U.S. criticizes Lula's Ukraine stance

U.S. charges Los Chapitos

Darién Gap plan risky

Russia's interest in Haiti

QuaDream used in Mexico

U.S. intel leaks

Wave of activist killings -- Guardian

Axe attack on Brazilian nursery school

Nicaragua bans Easter processions

Bukele's crackdown in review -- El Faro

Migrants protest AMLO

El Salvador -- a year into the crackdown

Ecuador's court permits impeachment hearings

Migrant deaths showcase immigration woes in Mexico

39 migrants die in Mexican immigration center

Human Rights Court to rule on ES's total abortion ban

Petro withdraws political reform bill

Caribbean countries support Mexican appeal against U.S. gunmakers

Gang control of Port-au-Prince nearly complete

U.S. wants Canada to lead force to Haiti

Guatemala detains former prosecutor

Honduras' foreign policy pragmatism

Peru's protest repression -- NYT

Marielle - Five years

Colombia suspends warrants against 19 FARC dissidents

Brazilian Amazon deforestation soars in Feb

Gulf Clan allegedly apologizes for killing

Chilean lawmakers shelve tax reform

Human Rights court to rule on El Salvador abortion case

Brazil criticizes Ortega, seeks dialogue

Colombian hostages released

UN group compares Ortega to Nazis

Armed groups and "total peace" -- Crisis Group

Bukele's gov't cooperated with gangs, says U.S.

Brazil's government cracks down on enviromental crime

El Salvador opens "megaprison"

LatAm votes with Ukraine (mostly)

São Paulo communities struggling after flood

García Luna convicted in NY

Eliminalia in Lat Am

Javari Valley operation planned

Honduras has new Supreme Court

Nicaragua strips 94 people of citizenship

New Moïse assassination arrests

Colombia, ELN resume talks

Lula and Biden celebrate democracy

Climate on Lula-Biden agenda

Nicaragua frees 222 political prisoners

Ecuadorean voters punish Lasso

Wildcat miners start fleeing Yanomami territory

Balloon spotted over Colombia

Senator denounces Brazilian coup plan

Peruvian lawmakers reject early elections

U.S. charged suspects in Moïse murder

South America won't send weapons to Ukraine

Boluarte proposes constitutional reform

Angry police riot in Haiti

Fewer migrants at U.S. southern border

Boric criticizes Peruvian repression

Police detain Amazon killings' mastermind

Peruvian police raid university

CELAC Summit gathers region

Guatemala's anti-corruption backlash

Colombia defends Velásquez

García Luna trial begins in U.S.

Peru declares state of emergency

Two environmental activists killed in Honduras

Region should address "chronic human rights concerns" -- HRW

Brazil's police may have allowed attacks

Tres Amigos' chilly kick-off

Bolsonaristas attack government buildings

Biden further restricts asylum

Protests in Bolivia after opposition leader arrested

ELN denies ceasefire

Petro announces broad cease-fire

Lula takes sash from "Brazilian people"