Sitemap - 2016 - Latin America Daily Briefing

Closing 2016 (Dec. 22, 2016)

Evidence links former Colombian military head to extrajudicial killings - HRW (Dec. 21, 2016)

Guatemalan spring threatened by entrenched corruption (Dec. 20, 2016)

Cash shortages provoke riots and looting in Venezuela (Dec. 20, 2016)

Venezuela's currency chaos (Dec. 16, 2016)

FARC expels commanders who refuse to demobilize (Dec. 15, 2016)

Venezuela's political schism heating up again (Dec. 14, 2016)

China moves to fill Trump vacuum in Lat Am (Dec. 13, 2016)

Venezuelan gov't to pull largest denomination bill (Dec. 12, 2016)

Mexico's decade-long war on drugs' human cost (Dec. 9, 2016)

Cuba briefs: entrepreneurs ask Trump to maintain engagement policy (Dec. 8, 2016)

Venezuelan talks break down (Dec. 7, 2016)

Brazil's senate president suspended by Supreme Court justice, refuses to step down (Dec. 6, 2016)

Fidel interred quietly in Santiago (Dec. 5, 2016)

U.N. apologizes for failing to stop cholera outbreak in Haiti (Dec. 2, 2016)

Brazil's Congress takes aim at anti-corruption judiciary (Dec. 1, 2016)

New peace deal approved by Colombian senate (Nov. 30, 2016)

Trump threatens a Cuba détente rollback (Nov. 29, 2016)

"Condemn me, it does not matter. History will absolve me." Castro dies at 90 (Nov. 27, 2016)

Colombia's new deal will be sent to congress, despite opposition rejection (Nov. 23, 2016)

Global Commission calls for market drug regulation (Nov. 22, 2016)

Haiti elections smooth, results delayed (Nov. 21, 2016)

Haitians to finally head to polls (Nov. 18, 2016)

Mexico, Central American gov'ts seek to support citizens in U.S. (Nov. 17, 2016)

Venezuelan opposition concedes "irregular" legislators (Nov. 16, 2016)

Trumps policies could derail Mexico -- but don't jump to conclusions (Nov. 15, 2016)

New Colombian peace deal (Nov. 14, 2016)

Uruguay advancing in cannabis legislation implementation (Nov. 11, 2016)

JOH seeking reelection, Venezuelan opposition demands results (Nov. 10, 2016)

Mexico's Trump nightmare comes true (Nov. 9, 2016)

Nicaraguan election results questioned by opposition, U.S. (Nov. 8, 2016)

Ortega wins again -- among those who voted anyway (Nov. 7, 2016)

Ortega set to win again, critics see parallels with Somoza dynasty (Nov. 4, 2016)

Presidential campaigning starts in Haiti (Nov. 3, 2016)

Tensions in Venezuela ebb, but quickly heat up again (Nov. 2, 2016)

Venezuelan gov't releases five political prisoners (Nov. 1, 2016)

Fears of escalation in tension between Venezuelan gov't and opposition (Oct. 31, 2016)

Little support for strike in Venezuela (Oct. 28, 2016)

Venezuela's opposition takes to the streets (Oct. 27, 2016)

Venezuela's takeover (Oct. 26, 2016)

Vatican to mediate between Venezuela's polarized politicians (Oct. 25, 2016)

Venezuela's increasingly polarized political battle (Oct. 24, 2016)

Venezuela's #RR postponed indefinitely

#NiUnaMenos gathers tens of thousands in BA (Oct. 20, 2016)

Haiti protests slow cholera treatment for Matthew victims (Oct. 19, 2016)

Police repression against austerity protests in Brazil (Oct. 18, 2016)

U.N. promises cholera aid for Haiti, storm victims increasingly frustrated (Oct. 17, 2016)

Colombia-FARC cease-fire extended, Uribe sends proposals (Oct. 14, 2016)

Anger in Haitian communities desperate for supplies (Oct. 13, 2016)

Death, economic toll rising in Haiti (Oct. 11, 2016)

Santos wins prize, oxygen for peace process (Oct. 7, 2016)

Colombians march to demand peace (Oct. 6, 2016)

Colombia in limbo (Oct. 5, 2016)

Colombians reject peace deal (Oct. 3, 2016)

Yes to peace likely in Colombia on Sunday, but ... (Sept. 30, 2016)

Clandestine graves, homicides and corruption -- Mexico Briefs (Sept. 29, 2016)

Maduro heralds talks with the U.S. (Sept. 28, 2016)

Signed pact is just the beginning of Colombia's peace process (Sept. 27, 2016)

Colombia-FARC sign peace treaty: let loose the yellow butterflies (Sept. 26, 2016)

Guatemalan human rights prosecutor arrested for alleged hit-and-run case (Sept. 23, 2016)

U.S. resumes deportations of Haitians in midst of migration surge (Sept. 22, 2016)

Lula to face corruption trial as lawmakers attempt amnesty for their own corruption (Sept. 21, 2016)

Latin America at the U.N. (Sept. 20, 2016)

U.S. to fight for refugees -- except for those at its doorstep, say critics (Sept. 19, 2016)

Peña Nieto's #RenunciaYa (Sept. 16, 2016)

Lula accused of heading "propinocracia" (Sept. 15, 2016)

Bolivia's drug policy unfairly criticized by U.S. (Sept. 14, 2016)

Cunha ousted from Brazil's lower house (Sept. 13, 2016)

NYT: U.S. and Uribe undermined Colombia's previous attempts transitional justice (Sept. 12, 2016)

Lingering complications from foreign intervention in Haiti; Colombia's path to peace (Sept. 9, 2016)

Peña Nieto suffers more Trump backlash (Sept. 8, 2016)

Funes granted asylum in Nicaragua (Sept. 7, 2016)

Maduro chased by angry pot-banging crowd (Sept. 6, 2016)

Opposition takes Caracas (Sept. 2, 2016)

Rousseff impeached (Sept. 1, 2016)

Latin American countries urge U.S. Cuba migrant policy change (Aug. 31, 2016)

Venezuelan opposition gearing up for massive march on Thursday (Aug. 30, 2016)

Rousseff defends herself in Senate (Aug. 29, 2016)

Colombians begin to debate peace (Aug. 26, 2016)

El Salvador's crusading attorney general and Colombia announces final peace deal (Aug. 25, 2016)

A final peace accord for Colombia expected today (Aug. 24, 2016)

Peruvian government says there's evidence of police "death squads" (Aug. 23, 2016)

Haiti's cholera outbreak a sign of deeper problems at the U.N. (Aug. 22, 2016)

Mexican police arbitrarily executed 22 in raid last year (Aug. 19, 2016)

Urban renewal attempt creates problems Bogotá (Aug. 18, 2016)

News briefs - Details on Colombia's peace accord plebiscite (Aug. 17, 2016)

Successful U.S. violence reduction in Honduras (Aug. 15, 2016)

Operación Jaque aftermath, El Salvador doubling down on "extreme measures" (Aug. 12, 2016)

Shootings in Rio provide counterpart to Olympic celebration (Aug. 11, 2016)

Venezuelan authorities push referendum to 2017 (Aug. 10, 2016)

The campaign against Colombian peace (Aug. 9, 2016)

Colombia's peace referendum losing in polls; outcry over detention of ex-gang member Salvadoran activist; Censure of protests at Olympics (Aug. 8, 2016)

Journalist mortality in LatAm: Honduras and Veracruz in focus (Aug. 5, 2016)

Rousseff inching towards political trial in Senate (Aug. 4, 2016)

Ortega names wife running mate, chips away at opposition ahead of Nov election (Aug. 3, 2016)

Venezuelan opposition clears another referendum hurdle (Aug. 2, 2016)

Brazilian Olympic briefing (Aug. 1, 2016)

El Salvador cracks down on gang financial network (July 29, 2016)

Reports highlight rights abuses in Venezuela, Mexico and U.S. policy (July 28, 2016)

Venezuela's government and opposition tussling over recall referendum (July 27, 2016)

Pre-Olympics chaos and polemic polls in Brazil (July 26, 2016)

Two Mexican mayors killed Saturday (July 25, 2016)

Americas Quarterly memos for the next U.S. president (July 22, 2016)

Rio and the Olympics briefs (July 21, 2016)

Colombian court approves plebiscite for peace, Venezuelan opposition jumping hurdles to recall (July 20, 2016)

Notorious Guatemalan prison inmate killed in riot (July 19, 2016)

San Blas Massacre case ignores key evidence of widespread wrongdoing - El Faro (July 18, 2016)

More on the Salvadoran Constitutional Court's overturning of the 1993 Amnesty Law (July 15, 2016)

Salvadoran court overturns 1993 amnesty law for civil war crimes against humanity (July 14, 2016)

Venezuela's response to shortages increasingly militarized (July 13, 2016)

Salvadoran attorney general orders arrest of police involved in San Blas massacre (June 12, 2016)

HRW report on extrajudicial executions in Rio (July 11, 2016)

Another of Cáceres' colleagues killed in Honduras (July 8, 2016)

Latin America's political pendulum (July 7, 2016)

Salvadoran attorney general investigating top FMLN leader accused of arms trafficking (July 6, 2016)

Smilde on polarization in Venezuela and homicide estimates (July 5, 2016)

Rio's mega-game mess (July 1, 2016)

Clashes in Nochixtlán provoke debate in Mexico (June 30, 2016)

Post conflict strategies for Colombia's border region (June 29, 2016)

Mexican security forces routinely torture women - Amnesty

Panama Canal reloaded (June 27, 2016)

Colombians hope peace agreements mean #ElUltimoDiaDeLaGuerra (July 24, 2016)

Venezuela dire but not apocalyptic - The Nation (June 23, 2016)

Colombia - FARC bilateral ceasefire agreement to be announced tomorrow (July 22, 2016)

Nueva Sociedad on Organized Crime and the State in Latin America (June 21, 2016)

Six protesters killed Oaxaca clashes

Venezuela-caused OAS rift marks Almagro's first year in office (June 17, 2016)

Haiti rudderless again (June 16, 2016)

Updates on OAS, Venezuela and Brazil (June 15, 2016)

Venezuela crisis looms large at 46th annual OAS assembly (June 14, 2016)

Mexican Congress kicks off special session on medical marijuana, police and penal reform (June 13, 2016)

Honduran police purification commission removes 106 officers in two months (June 10, 2016)

Nicaragua's Supreme Court splinters opposition in threat to democracy (June 9, 2016)

Scandals in new Brazil government offer Rousseff hope of survival (June 8, 2016)

El Salvador's Supreme Court rules prison conditions unconstitutional (June 7, 2016)

Kuczynski leads Fujimori 50.3% to 49.7%, with 92.6% of votes counted (June 6, 2016)

CICIG exposes Guatemala's Partido Patriota as a "criminal mafia structure" (June 5, 2016)

Two Competing OAS Initiatives on Venezuela (June 3, 2016)

Santos defends peace plebiscite (May 27, 2016)

Scarcities eroding Venezuelan government's support (May 24, 2016)

Mexican security forces' kill rate indicate summary executions (May 26, 2016)

Austerity measures proposed in Brazil (May 25, 2016)

Salvadoran attorney general targets government official (May 23, 2016)

Reporting on Central America's ongoing gang crisis (May 20, 2016)

Venezuela's opposition clashes with riot police (May 19, 2016)

Colombia face-off with Novartis, U.S. lawmakers over cancer drug pricing (May 18, 2016)

Venezuela is falling apart (May 17, 2016)

Venezuela's new state of emergency, U.S. intelligence fears violence (May 16, 2016)

Colombia gears up for a Plebiscite for Peace (May 13, 2016)

Rousseff suspended in Brazil; Colombia to hold peace referendum in Sept. (May 12, 2016)

Senate voting on Rousseff's impeachment trial (May 11, 2016)

Dilma's impeachment to move forward, despite surprise annulment and reversal (May 10, 2016)

Allegations Salvadoran governing party cooperated with gangs to win elections (May 9, 2016)

El Salvador's government cracks down against an old gang truce

Brazil's House speaker suspended by Supreme Court on corruption allegations (May 5, 2016)

Dilma and Lula implicated in Operação Lava Jato (May 4, 2016)

Era of Cuba glamour is back? (May 3, 2016)

Dilma tries to rally support, Brazil's political outlook is grim (May 2, 2016)

Commission to review Haiti's contested presidential elections (April 29, 2017)

Lootings and protests in Venezuela (April 28, 2016)

Venezuela's opposition to begin collecting signatures of recall referendum (April 27, 2016)

Experts' Ayotzinapa probe shows government mishandling (April 26, 2016)

Tortured witnesses and other issues with Ayotzinapa investigation, new GIEI report (April 25, 2016)

Mexican president proposes minor marijuana changes (April 22, 2016)

More from UNGASS frontlines (April 21, 2016)

Mexican President backs marijuana legalization in U.N. speech (April 20, 2016)

Dilma impeached by House of Deputies (April 18, 2016)

Rousseff's impeachment this weekend looking likely (April 15, 2016)

Mexico's prisons are dangerously overcrowded, and often run by inmates (April 14, 2016)

Investigators pursuing Panama Papers leads (April 13, 2016)

Legislative commission approves Rousseff impeachment by large margin (April 12, 2016)

Fujimori to face off against Kyczynski (April 11, 2016)

Integral cannabis regulation bill presented in Mexican Senate (April 8, 2016)

Briefs ahead of Peru's election this Sunday (April 7, 2016)

Honduran police implicated in murder of anti-drug crusading officials (April 6, 2016)

Panama Papers reveal offshore links in Peruvian elections (April 5, 2016)

Leftist surprise in store for upcoming Peruvian elections? (April 4, 2016)

Brazil's Supreme Court hands Rousseff temporary respite (April 1, 2016)

El Salvador cracks down on gangs, as leaders order homicide stop (March 31, 2016)

CICIG in-depth (March 30, 2016)

Colombia's elusive peace - analysis of specific issues (March 29, 2016)

From baseball diplomacy to rock and roll: The Cuban times are a changing? (March 28, 2016)

Brazilian President fights back against "institutional coup" (March 25, 2016)

Colombian negotiators miss peace deadline, daunting post-conflict scenario (March 24, 2016)

Macri welcomes Obama, as rights groups reject U.S. legacy (March 23, 2016)

Obama's Cuba visit spurs exchanges and (maybe) impossibly high expectations (March 22, 2016)

Obama is welcome in Cuba -- dissent isn't. (Also Brazil's Castelo de cartas) (March 21, 2016)

Second activist killed in Honduras (March 17, 2016)

Peru's ongoing electoral upheaval: leading candidates disqualification upheld (March 16, 2016)

Brazil's deepening political crisis (March 15, 2016)

Civil society groups criticize UNGASS process (March 14, 2016)

Baseball instead of dissidents for Obama's Cuba visit (March 11, 2016)

Peru's presidential election is running short on candidates (March 10, 2016)

Venezuelan opposition launches ouster campaign (March 9, 2016)

Lula's detention intensifies pressure on Brazil's ruling party (March 7, 2016)

Outrage over Honduran environmental leader's killing (March 4, 2016)

Guatemala is selecting a new constitutional court -- why it matters (March 3, 2016)

Why San Salvador is the region's murder capital -- and why the statistics matter (March 2, 2016)

In-depth report on violence and policy in El Salvador by LAWG (March 1, 2016)

Human rights briefs from around the region:

Probable delays in Colombian peace deal, "Peace Colombia" plan analysis (Feb. 26, 2016)

Cuba gives some political dissidents one-time travel permission (Feb. 25, 2016)

Mexican legislators pledge to propose marijuana reform (Feb. 24, 2016)

Bolivian president insists on waiting for final results in referendum vote (Feb. 23, 2016)

Bolivians narrowly reject Morales' bid for further reelections (Feb. 22, 2016)

Argentine government criticized for protest protocol (Feb. 19, 2016)

Obama to visit Cuba in March (and Argentina!) (Feb. 18, 2016)

Venezuelan legislature passes amnesty law - president promises veto (Feb. 17, 2016)

Acute shortages in Venezuela (Feb. 16, 2016)

Mexican prison riot highlights cartel rule and human rights violations (Feb. 12, 2016)

Transition ploys and default predictions in Venezuela (Feb. 11, 2015)

Haiti faces food crisis due to El Niño draught (Feb. 10, 2016)

When will Honduras have a Supreme Court? (And why it matters) (Feb. 9, 2016)

Haiti in presidential vacuum as parliament selects interim government (Feb. 8, 2016)

A plan for peace in Colombia (Feb. 5, 2016)

FP: Indices can be flawed, but they tell an important story (Feb. 4, 2016)

Fifteen years of Plan Colombia (Feb. 3, 2016)

Haitian pols eking out transitional government agreement (Feb. 2, 2016)

Human Rights Watch reports on the region (Feb. 1, 2016)

Corruption 2015 regional theme - Transparency International's corruption index (Jan. 29, 2016)

New appointees in El Salvador focus on crushing homicide and corruption issues (Jan. 28, 2015)

Honduras' evolving homicide rates (Jan. 27, 2016)

U.N. Security Council approves observers for FARC disarmament (Jan. 26, 2016)

Haitian election postponed indefinitely, faces constitutional power vacuum (Jan. 25, 2016)

Murders on the rise in Mexico - Haiti's ongoing electoral SNAFU (Jan. 22, 2016)

Rumbling in Haiti ahead of questioned runoff election on Sunday (Jan. 22, 2016)

Hondurans get their international anti-corruption team -- will it be enough? (Jan. 20, 2016)

Peace draws closer for Colombia -- but the economy has citizens glum anyway (Jan. 19, 2016)

Venezuela declares economic emergency (Jan. 18, 2016)

Guatemala's new president faces challenges and mobilized citizens (Jan. 15, 2016)

Venezuelan institutional impasse averted for now (Jan. 14, 2016)

São Paulo bus fare protests repressed (Jan. 13, 2015)

"El Chapo" Fallout (Jan 12, 2015)

Macri's presidential decrees in first month favor media conglomerates

Perils faced by Central American female migrants (Jan. 8, 2016)

Human rights arrests in Guatemala hit close to president-elect Jimmy Morales (Jan. 7, 2016)

Venezuela's National Assembly will seek change or Maduro's ouster (Jan. 6, 2015)

Negative outlook for Brazil in 2016 (Jan. 5, 2016)

Venezuelan politics heat up ahead of National Assembly swearing in tomorrow (Jan. 4, 2016)